The core of our Adult Ministry is our Connect Groups. These classes are based on similarities in age and/or life stage. Each class is unique but all offer great fellowship and relevant Bible teaching with its own personality and opportunities for you to grow and serve. Finding a small group is essential; be sure to visit various Connect Group classes until you find the one that is just the right fit for you. For directions to a Connect Group location, visit the Welcome Center located at each hall intersection.  

Sunday: Connect Groups

9:30 AM

Mosaic Fellowship Hall A
Owls Room 3
Navigators Room 5
Joy Room 9
Parents with High Schoolers Room 7
Parents with Preschoolers Fellowship Hall 1
Agape Conference Room

11:00 AM

Kingdom Builders Room 5
Parents with College and Career Fellowship Hall 1
Parents with Children Fellowship Hall A


Young Couples

Weeknights: Connect Groups

@ 6:30 PM

Young Families Room 3
@ 7:00 PM
Young Adults
(College Freshman to age 28)
Email Us

Go Groups

GO Groups are made of 4-6 people of the same gender and emphasize the importance of being doers of the Word and not just hearers. These groups are unique in that they challenge members to grow together and hold each other accountable to taking steps in obedience in their relationship with God and others. Ultimately, the goal of a GO Group is to train people to be disciples who make disciples.